Proud of Myself and “A”.

So… Today, I stood up for myself!

That’s not an easy thing for me to do really.

I tend to be quite meek and submissive when it comes to confrontation.

I let doctors tell me something contrary to how I feel, and I just accept it.

But today, at WalMart… When I went to pick up my meds, the price was $20 more than I expected!

Now that may not seem like much to everyone, but it’s money I just don’t have right now!

So I gathered up all my willpower (and mind you, I was already freaking out, for being at WalMart in the middle of the day, where it was PACKED and I was certain everyone was starring at me), and told the clerk “I’m sorry, but I looked these up on my discount card site, and they came up less”.

The clerk looked at me and said “well we ran your insurance, and this one here wasn’t covered, and this is how these two rang up”. To which I replied “It’s not insurance, it’s a discount card, and it IS covered. I looked it up before I came.”

This was a major coup for me, because as I mentioned before, and possibly if I had actually had the money, I would have just let them walk all over me, and paid the $$ they asked for.

The clerk said “Well let me hand it to ‘X’ whom handles all this stuff and see what he says”. And she did. ‘X”s reply was that they tried the card info I gave them and that it didn’t work at all, so they tried a different card that was “better” and that’s what they used. I told him that I had looked up my scripts on GoodRX and he said “let me try it over here” and he did and this time it worked.

2013-08-15 15.55.39 2013-08-15 15.55.54 2013-08-15 15.56.07Now for those that have never heard of it… If you don’t have insurance, or have insufficient prescription coverage, GoodRX is your best friend!

They give you a list of all the participating pharmacies in your area, tell you which drugs are covered under which generic plans. They tell you who has the cheapest price, and they even provide a “coupon” (discount RX card) that gets you STEEP discounts at most pharmacies.

This discount RX card isn’t a prescription plan, what it does, is it allows you, the consumer to pay the same price for a drug at the pharmacy, that your insurance company pays. In most instances this is as much as 80% off the normal retail price.

As for “A”, well I’m quite proud of her too!

Today she went to the local community college, and signed up for 2 classes for the fall.

Now you might think this is a “stupid” thing to be doing with a newborn on the way, but we were smart. “A” signed up for online eClasses 🙂

I’m proud because it would be VERY easier for her to put school off till winter semester, or even next year, but “A” is motivated to get her degree.

I am always quite proud of her for various little things today, but the fact that she went and did this all on her own after IOP has me beaming with pride today.

I love you “A”!



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