[box] On February 16th 2013, in the hallway of a busy/over-full ER, ‘A’ and I found out we were pregnant. She was hurting so much that it hurt when I touched her, and was having trouble breathing. [/box]

From that moment, our lives changed, as we realized exactly how much of a miracle our little ninja baby is.

‘A’ was premature, and has a host of illnesses herself, plus we are both in our mid thirties.

Neither of us were hopeful at being able to have a baby, and are even more worried about not being able to take it to term, but our little miracle is a fighter, and nothing is going to stop him from blessing this world with his presence.

[box type=”info”] Just one last note… For reasons of anonymity and plausible deniability sake…. We will be posting our blogs under the pseudonyms ‘A’ and ‘R’ (our initials). ‘A’ is the Mommy of NinjaBaby, and ‘R’ (me) the Daddy. :)[/box]



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