Nervous, Scared, Frightened…. Relived :)

So today I had my intake with my new Psych APN whom will be handling my Psych Med Management.

I was very nervous, scared, and frightened going into this, because I had issues with last round of medications I was prescribed (side effects) and missed a followup appointment with my previous APN and was fully ready to be yelled at for it.

But “L” my new APN is perfectly nice, and easy to talk to. That’s a GOOD thing as it meant that I was completely honest with her, about things that happened in my past (things that I’ve talked to my Sister and Cousin about recently) and other things that no one but “A” really knows about.

“A” and I both did our intake with her today actually, and she’s fully willing to see us together on a regular basis which will save us some $ and she comes HIGHLY recommended by EVERYONE.

She has her masters in Psychopharmacology, and is currently working on her Doctorate. She’s been doing this kind of work for more than 22 years, and was just open, and cheerful, and always looking for our input about everything!

It’s not often that I don’t get intimidated when in the presence of a person like this, and so to feel “normal” and able to talk about things, just took a load off of my mind.

So I’m now going to start on a new course of meds. The goal is to control my mood swings, and hopefully improve my concentration and focus while also getting me to sleep more than 3-4hours at night, and with emergency relief for my anxiety/panic attacks.

It’s the first time where I was given input on my treatment really, and asked for what my “goals” are and then presented with her ideas on how we could achieve those goals.

This will probably be a process that needs to be tweaked as it goes, but I’m happy to report, that I am EAGER to follow my directions, and do what I need to do to be fully stable and able to provide for “A” and NinjaBaby.



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