Still Sick, Starving, Nauseous

So I ended up in the ER again yesterday.

I spent the first 6 hours of the day with really bad diarrhea, and it got worse from there.

After spending a while sitting in the ER, I was taken back. Given IV Fluids, and taken to CT for a scan of my stomach (with contrast).

The ER itself was mostly un-exciting, except for when my IV popped during the CT from the Contrast Dye getting infused.

I apparently have “Bacterial Gastroenteritis” and have a 3 day course of Cipro (antibiotics) and have to follow up with a Gastroenterologist.

My main issue right now, is the nausea.

In the last 24hrs, I’ve had 2 small cups of Jello, and 1 piece of soft bread.

I’m STARVING here, but every time I get even close to the kitchen, I get nauseous and give up on it (at least till I get hungry again, and repeat the cycle).

We bought Chicken Broth, and even soft noodle soups for when I can stomach that. Also some Jello, soft non-sugar’d canned fruit, and probiotic yogurt.

We have so many things that I CAN eat, and even more that I CAN’T eat for a few days… Our fridge is FULLY stocked… And yet there is nothing I feel I could eat right now.


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  1. That’s good! Just let all calm down. I have had stomach problems that landed me in hospital for days. You may want to get a colonoscopie when you get better. It may never happen again as it could be you ate something that caused it. My doctor gives me two antibiotics Cipro and another one and has me check back with him every 3 days. It always calms down and goes away. I stopped eating a lot of foods that may cause the problem. One time when I ended up in the hospital they could not figure it out as I got fervor and blood pressure went up and down drastically and stomache hurt . After 8 days of being on fluids and antibodies I got better. They said I must have gotten a bug from Mexico. But that was worst!
    I have a bad colon and have to be careful with what I eat. You may have just had a one time thing. It is good to find out by getting it checked out by a doctor when you get better.

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