I (Dad) am Important Too! AKA We’re Not Single Parents

“A” has been posting things about School and College lately.

She’s currently planning on taking two online eClasses through Cumberland County Community College.

She is currently working on the path towards a Masters in Social work so that she will be a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker).

When we hit a small financial aid roadblock recently, people started telling her it was a sign.

They said it was a sign that she should slow down, stop worrying about school for a while, and just focus on the baby.

I have to agree, that the Baby will be the focus of our lives for a while, but at what point does having a baby mean she can’t do anything else?

“A” has never wanted to be a  stay at home mother (not that that’s a bad thing, it’s actually quite a beautiful thing when you can manage it), so why should her life end because we have a newborn?

Yes, we will have a Baby. And YES, that baby will be the focus of our lives, and a strain on our life for a while, but the world does not end just because WE had a child.

I needed to emphasize the WE there, for one important reason.

“A” is not a single mother. She is not in this alone.

Sometimes I feel that people think since I’m a Dad that it’s either not important for me to bond with the baby when he is young, or maybe that my role is only to teach him how to pee while standing, take him to little league, and how to treat women with respect.

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to ignore him till it’s time for him to play football.

I plan to change diapers, bottle feed him breast milk (when “A” is sleeping), play with him on his tummy, watch him transition from laying about, to crawling, and eventually walking.

I want to be a part of my son’s life from the start.

I have been to EVERY OB/Gyn appointment since day one. I have been to ALMOST every ultrasound (the vaginal ultrasound done in the hospital after our 23week scare, well they said I couldn’t be in the room with her, but I threw a fit).

In no way do I plan to just sit about, and watch my child grow from a distance and wait for the choice moments to do something. 

I AM going to be a pivotal presence in NinjaBaby‘s life. Just as much as “A” is going to.

So PLEASE everyone.

Stop posting that “A”‘s life is going to be over, and treating her like a single mother. She has support from ME and friends, and will be able to achieve all her dreams.



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