10 (or more) things DAD should do to prepare for Induction/Labor

So there are many lists for Mom out there, that tell you what she should pack, how she should react, and what the process will be like for her, and there are even a few out there that talk about important things for Dad from an emotional standpoint, but I thought I should make a list here, of just the FEW thing’s we’ve found out so far that I wish we’d know.


  1. It doesn’t matter how recently your wife/fiance/so packed her hospital bag, she will make you open it, and re pack it no less than 3 times the night before… And then double check it when she has a chance IN labor and Delivery
  2. Induction, is not a quick “in and out” process. According to the doctor, we are likely to be here for 3 days.
  3. PACK A BAG FOR YOUSELF! If you plan to be there through the whole process, you will probably need your own change of clothes, tooth brush, etc…
  4. Make sure you have MONEY for the hospital cafeteria… She is likely to get a room service menu, but I hate to tell you, your food won’t come from there.
  5. Make sure you have something to soothe her with. Lotions or anything with an aroma she likes will be good. She’s going to be uncomfortable more than in pain for much of the process so anything to help soothe her will be AWESOME
  6. Bring an Android Tablet/iPad or other device FOR HER. She will need something to do, and TV will get REALLY boring, REALLY fast.
  7. Bring the same for YOU, but don’t bring WORK as you will NEVER get it done. She won’t be doing it on purpose, but ANY time you try and get working on something, she will need something, and as her primary support person, well, that’s your JOB!
  8. Listen to HER! If she says something isn’t right, it’s not. If she says it’s fine, don’t push. Sometimes the stress of you pushing, will get her more anxious and often cause more physical discomfort.
  9. NO JOKES about live-streaming the delivery to the internet… She probably won’t find them funny.
  10. JUST BE THERE for her…. If there is anything she needs, get it. If there is a time when the baby needs care, and she can’t, then you do it. You need to bond as much as she does, and better you than the nurses for the first bottle or other such things.

This is all I have for now, but I will add to this over-time as I figure out more…. Please feel free to share this to anyone you feels should see it.


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