Ninja Baby Has Arrived… And He’s Sick :(

NinjaBaby – Male, 7lbs, 20 inches, 9 and 9 (at 1 and 5 minutes) on the Apgar, was Born October 7th, 9:03am Eastern.

So we recently got the news, that while doing a routine blood test there was evidence that he might have an infection. As such, our little NinjaBaby gets to keep his IV (which we were hoping he’d loose today, since he’s feeding now).

NinjaBaby in the NICUA is doing FINE and GREAT in fact. 

For those that don’t know…. ‘A’ DID have an epidural, but it “came out”. She had to go through the WORST of her active labor and pushing with No epidural

I personally find that astounding.

I was there with her the whole time, I could see the pain and determination in her eyes.

And GUYS, if  you get the chance, BE AS INVOLVED AS THEY WILL LET YOU BE!

NinjaBaby in the NICUIt’s worth it. It REALLY IS worth it.

I was helping to position her, holding her legs back, holding her head up, wiping her brow, urging her on, giving words of encouragement.

I didn’t just “stand aside and yell ‘Push him out, shove him out, waaaaaaaaaaaay out'”.

I feel that I was part of the process. I feel that I bonded with my son without even cutting the cord (I couldn’t because of complications).

And just as importantly, I feel it brought A and I closer together.

NinjaBaby in the NICUWe have been here at the hospital together since Friday (it’s now Tuesday) and instead of feeling the need to get away from each other, I feel like we are more, in sync with each other.

I can only assume that that will make it that much easier, for A and I to raise NinjaBaby in the supportive and healthy household that we have envisioned since day one.



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