I’ve never posted here before, and that’s mainly because I update Facebook often. As mom to our awesome ninjababy, I thought what I’m about to say deserves more than a Facebook update.

We found out two days ago that he has Autism. There, I said it. My son is on the Autism spectrum. Most of you that know him are probably shocked or surprised. We found out that it’s not just one thing that confirms a child has Autism, there are many little things and he fits the criteria for enough little things that lead to his diagnosis.

The good news is, he is on the higher functioning end of the spectrum and has been getting help since he was a tiny baby. He is also in an excellent school district and will be attending a wonderful special needs preschool!
Am I sad? Of course I am. Not because of the diagnosis but because it will make things harder for him. I’m going to take time to grieve. This also means I’m going to be his voice and advocate when he can’t be.

He’s always going to be my baby boy and this diagnosis doesn’t mean I will love him any less. I will love him even more.


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  1. Not surprised but it doesn’t define him. Liam is much more than his autism. He is the sweetest little boy ever and he’s so smart and kind and a little sassy. He’s gonna be fine and he’s lucky to have you and Amy. Autistic or not he is very independent in some aspects and he’s such a doll. A beautiful child inside and out.

  2. I hope this is a puzzle solved for you two. It makes it so much easier in many ways when there is a definitive diagnosis. Now you know what to research and how to deal with the road ahead. When the light shines bright, take a proactive approach. Do your research and in many ways he is very fortunate to be in a classroom where they actually pay attention to the child’s individual needs. In the regular schools, a child can get lost in the shuffle.
    You two are very actively involved with your son and he is blessed by this care.

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