Toledo Zoo (with NinjaBaby Pics!)

Hi Everyone! So yesterday we were at the Toledo Zoo! It was A, NinjaBaby and C. We met up with A’s two friends K and K so this will become a completely ambiguous at points! 😛

We had a great day at the Zoo, and NinjaBaby was able to not only able to ride the Carousel “Horseies go up down” and the Safari Train, but enjoyed some very yummy sherbet Dipping Dots for a snack!

The weather was beautiful, and the Zoo was large. Like with the Cleaveland Zoo the day before we were only able to to a small portion of the zoo, but NinjaBaby and all of us had a complete blast.

NinjaBaby had a few tantrums and meltdowns, but we never had to “strap him in” to the stroller like we did at one point in Cleveland (we were able to mostly redirect today with the help of K, K and C). He’s started a new thing where if he sees a car/truck/cart/dolly/etc being moved around while he’s walking he insists on being picked up and carried or riding in the stroller. It’s not something that is bad from a parenting viewpoint, in that I can be  slightly assured he’s not running away and into the street without looking but it’s becoming increasingly worrying as many times the cars are not really near us or coming near us but just in a general vicinity range when he gets upset.

So it’s on this note, that I leave you with PICTURES! Many Many Many picutres of our fabulous NinjaBaby, A and the K’s and the wonderful Toledo Zoo!



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