Windows Through the Years

With every modern release of windows, there is always a TON of hype and paranoia.

Your drivers will no longer work.
Your games will no longer operate.
Your hardware will cease to function.
It will delete all your programs.
It will delete all your music and videos.
It will only let you play music/videos/apps from their app store (sorry, that one is apple/iOS not Microsoft).
It will only…..

And that is all most people remember. Sure those real techies in us remember some teething issues. I miss Progman.exe/Program Manager, but I wouldn’t want to go back to Windows 3.11wfw… What about you?

As much as I love to complain about things as the next person, I hate to remind you that your games ran just fine in Windows XP (for the most part).

Windows Vista did NOT delete all your Files and Videos

Windows 7 did NOT allow Microsoft to force-uninstall any software they didn’t want you to have.

And even tho Windows 8/8.1/10 have App Stores, you can still install any standard windows program.

Sure, Microsoft is being a bit vague about how long they will offer Windows 10 for free, but for now it is, it’s much more secure than any other Windows OS on the market, and while it’s interface may be a bit chaotic for those of us that are used to things a certain way, it is quite intuitive for the younger generation and will allow Microsoft and Windows to survive into the future.

I’ve been running it for months. Early builds used to thrash my HDD like you wouldn’t believe. Some days I would wake up and feel like I was playing Russian roulette wondering whether I would have sound and the ability to Skype with my business partners┬álike we do often. Some days the disk was thrashing so hard I couldn’t open the start menu. But so is the nature of running open beta software.

Microsoft is trying the Grand Experiment with Windows 10. Windows is going to become a “service” which is provided to you, which will push updates and upgrades at an amazing pace (if you choose to be in the fast ring). With the formal release of Windows 10 here, Microsoft is already working on “project redstone” which is the first Major update to Windows 10 (more than a simple bug fix, that may include UI enhancements and such) and I find that AMAZING. They were already working on it BEFORE the Win 10 formal release, and may be passing that to insiders like myself in just a few months.

It’s funny, I don’t remember this much Apple hate when they threw away OS9 and replaced it with OSX which was an entirely different base OS, UI and had only very limited backwards compatibility, and only for a very short while.

I guess it’s easier to HATE on the corporation that has the biggest market share.

So my question to anyone that has read this far is this. What is the biggest HYPE you remember before a Windows release, and what version of windows was it for?


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