Special Needs? Change? Can I Handle it All?

So as many of you know, or maybe don’t, our Little NinjaBaby is currently classified as “Special Needs”.

I say that in quotes not because I’m ashamed of it, but because I don’t want to take away from kids whom have greater needs, like those on the Autistic Spectrum.

Our Little NinjaBaby has a speech delay. He’s had leaps and bounds of improvement over the past year, more over the past 6 months, and most recently in the past 2 months his speech has just exploded.

He’s nearing 2 and a half, and so soon we need to start worrying about things like “Preschool Disabled” as he ages-out of “Early Intervetion” at 3years. Which is at October of this year, so perfect for him to transition from Speech @ EI to “Preschool Disabled”.

But as we worry about these things, and getting him where he needs to be, I feel a bit lost.

Not because he’s special needs. Not because of all the roads/paths ahead of him and us, but instead, It’s because as I watch him GROW I’m already missing the way things “used to be”.

As his speech grows, and his vocabulary grows, “umm” his general word for anything food related, as grown into “Peabuher Cacker” or “Peabuher Sayich” or “Pisa” or “fench fies” or any other REAL (if not quite pronounced right) word that he as added to his growing library. This morning at his request I made him a “Peabuher Sayich” and he said “Peahuher Umm”, and it made me cry. Just like it is right now.

When he was smaller, I would make him “Peabuher Umm” and sing a little song for him as I did it, and just the thought that we are drifting away from that has brought tears to my eyes. Yet at the same time, it gives me hope that I won’t be the only person to remember those moments.

I’m sure “A” will remember them, but now I have hope that our Little NinjaBaby will remember them too. He’s growing so fast. It’s not really fair how fast he’s doing it. I just hope I can keep up with my growing as a parent.


P.S. I promise a post soon on our trip to Walt Disney World, with LOTS of Pictures! It was MAGIC!


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