I HATE being sick!

I have been sick for about a week now (alternating chills and fever, bloated stomach, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, acid reflux, etc).

I REALLY don’t like going to the doctor in general. I can be sick as possible and happy to stay home and try to wait it out.

I also REALLY hate going to the ER as I feel the ER is where you go if you are in eminent fear of death.

I first went to the “urgent care” clinic that’s affiliated with the same network where my primary care doctor is (I have no insurance, and it costs me $65 to see them, which is actually fairly cheap). So on Sunday I was having trouble breathing and chills and fever and my anxiety was making my whole body shake.

The urgent care doc put me on a controller medication for my asthma (before I only had rescue inhaler). He’s also got me on a week long course of Prednisone and I had to do an albuterol nebulizer treatment in the doc office to relieve my breathing.

So now fast forward a little, and it was Wednesday, and we were at the hospital for Ultrasound and Fetal Echo. When I started to get unsteady on my feet while getting ready to leave the Hospital for the day, “A” decided I needed to go to the ER and I decided to not fight her on that topic… Well not much.

I got triaged right away, because I complained of chest pain (the thought is it was acid reflux) and did an ekg. My heart was racing/tachycardic because I was dehydrated from all the fevers. I’d been trying to drink a lot at home, but with the bloated stomach feeling, I just wasn’t doing a good job.

A couple hours later I was pulled back, doctor probed my chest, and found tenderness above my stomach, just below/under my ribcage and decided to do an ultrasound to make sure my gallbladder was ok.

If you have EVER had an Ultrasound done on a bony part of your body, I FEEL for you.

I was supposed to get an IV pain med before the ultrasound because of the pain, but the transport came before the nurse was finished with my IV.

After the ultrasound I was given 3x IV bags of Saline/Sugar water, 2 IV nausea medications, and 2x IV pain killers.

When they first hit me, I wanted to throw up even more than before, and then suddenly, it was like a cloud started to clear.

I was diagnosed with “Viral Gastritis” and am currently taking 3 extra pills, 4x per day, just so that I can eat and drink without throwing it up, or feeling like I over ate constantly.

I have a follow up with my GP this coming friday.

I also have an appointment with a new Psych on the 13th and I’m nervous.

I’m scared because I have never told my previous psych’s “everything”. I tell them bits and pieces but It’s time to do it “right”. I need to be stable, and strong for “A” and the NinjaBaby.

The worst part is worrying about the money to pay for all these appointments with docs and such. I have no insurance and can’t afford the $400/month premium to get it. And don’t qualify for assistance programs. “A” is currently covered by medicare and while pregnant, Medicaid. The baby will have Medicaid for life as long as we don’t start making too much money.

There is a SMALL chance that we will qualify for me to pay $55/month to buy insurance through medicaid once we are Married, but I still need to get my Birth Certificate from California, so that I can replace my missing drivers license.

Just so many things to worry about these days, especially as the baby is getting closer. We also had to pay $90 recently at the hospital for an “online birthing class” (we also get one on one time with the nurse that runs the program).

I REALLY wish that sometimes, things got easier instead of more complicated and harder.


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  1. Hey there… I just want u to know that I understand how u feel. Been there done that and actually STILL living it. It really sux and if u EVER need a compassionate ear or just need to vent and talk it out. It DOES help IMMENSLY. U know how to reach me. Keep in touch.

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