Hot, Sticky, and Sicky?

First off… it’s like 93 outside, with heat index making it like 108! That’s CRAZY!

It’s only supposed to cool down to the high 80’s overnight, and tomorrow is supposed to be worse!

(We have AC, and are fine in the house, but traveling to appointments and such is just ICK!)

So we had an OB/GYN appointment today… Standard Baby Appointment…

The Baby’s heart rate sounded fine to me, but the DOC said she thinks she heard an extra heartbeat here and there.

‘A’ is on Zoloft, so there is a chance of Pulmonary Hyper Tension in the NinjaBaby, so they are sending us for a Fetal Ultrasound of the baby’s heart.

The doc said this is a standard test they would do anyways, and that it is entirely no big deal and just an anomaly with the handheld ultrasound speaker thingy they use.

I don’t have any pictures to add to this post that are new, so I’m going to add the last ultrasound pic we have. Because EVERY post needs a picture 🙂

On a non-baby related news… ‘A’ has a sore throat, and is trying to make an appointment with her PCP. The OB said it didn’t appear to be strep “YET” but that it was getting “quite white back there”. I have a very slight slight, not soreness, but swallowing doesn’t feel the same as usual… I Really don’t want to be sick (especially if she’s sick too, because it makes it harder for me to take care of her).

‘A’ was offered a job, pending her filling out an online background check with LexisNexis. It would be quite helpful if they gave her a WORKING url to use to fill it out.

And as a complete side note, after a friend saw this new blog, she has asked me to create a new blog for her, with all kinds of neat features. I’ve already started laying the ground work and I’m quite excited!



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