Summer Is Upon Us!

So for those that may not know, we are in our new condo. We are living in Brick, NJ but if you want more detail than that you will have to contact us privately. 🙂

Recently we purchased the NinjaBaby his very own sand/water table and until recently hadn’t had it setup outside where he could really play with it (although he does like climbing into it it and sitting in it in the living room).

So today, Auntie K (A’s best friend) came by and and we setup NinjaBaby’s baby-pool and the water table in our little back-yard area. We had fun with bubbles and splashing around. We have our pool-badges for the complex’s 3 pools, but they aren’t quite open yet (soon!)

Also, Auntie K decided to do her own Ice Bucket Challenge of sorts, and dump a bit of REALLY COLD water on her head.


Much Love from the NinjaBaby Household!



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