Parks, Roadmaps, and Manuals…

As we get adventurous in our activities (Zoo’s in other states, yearly Disney Trips, regular excursions to Six Flags, etc) one thing continues to amaze me. That’s how much fun, our little NinjaBaby still gets out of going to the park.

No matter if it’s the local park just down the street from where we live, or one of the more exotic parks nearby, he never manages to NOT have fun.

Alone, or with other kids, and sometimes with other kids, but still alone. He does just fine, and always has a blast. That last statement may sound a bit contradictory, but trust me. It’s a thing. Not all the kids around here like playing with our little NinjaBaby. Possibly because he’s hard to understand due to his speech issues. We’re not entirely sure. We do know that sometimes he get’s stubborn and he does his own thing because that’s what he wants.

Don’t get me wrong, I love him all the same, and I would never trade him in for anyone else, but sometimes I wish had a roadmap I could use to plan out his life, and protect him as he goes. Show him what could be, and what will be if he puts his mind to it, and help him through all his issues.

But this is parenting we are talking about, and I’ve long since learned there is no roadmap. There is no manual. You do your best to teach them how to use a compass to point themselves in the right direction. You give them basic pointers for how to live their lives, and then eventually, you set them loose on the world. I’m both looking forward to, and dreading that day, even though he’s still just 4…

Enjoy the pics below. They were taken at two semi local parks “Purple Park” in Howell/Ramtown, NJ and “Castle Park” in Toms River, NJ. Both days were dreadfully hot (over 95 after heat index) but NinjaBaby had a blast none the less.



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