Non Baby Day!

Hi everybody! I know I keep promising Disney pics, and they are coming. Most of you have seen them either in person or via Facebook.¬†For those that haven’t however, I really promise they are coming.

Yesterday, while our little NinjaBaby was at a friends with his Aunt L (he calls her Eeeeeee), A and I decided to use our Season Passes to visit 6 Flags for the day.

Many rides were down for refurbishment, and some of the new ones were still being inspected. But we had a fun day.

We only did 3 rides. Skull Mountain (A’s 2nd Ever Dark-Coaster and first time in ages), the Gondolas/Sky Ride (I hate heights and regret doing that on a windy day), and the Safari. The weather was a little cool, but we got a lot of walking in (Not quite the 14K steps per day we did at Disney, but I met my 6000 step goal for the day).

It was nice to have a day to ourselves, and outside the house, I didn’t take many pictures in the park, but I took a few during the safari. So I’m going to post those here.


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