Baby’s First Practical Joke

So, our little ninja baby decided to play his first practical joke.

On Friday morning June 28th,  ‘A’ woke up covered in sweat, and feeling “cold”/Chilly, and complaining of severe abdominal pain. Upon inspection she found there was a discharge that wasn’t the normal sort, and so I got her dressed and called 911.

After explaining to the operator that ‘A’ was “high risk” and this was her 2nd pregnancy (the first one, she lost at 11 weeks) she dispatched a Ambulance and told us it would be there shortly.

The ambulance came and we met it out side, they strapped her in, and we headed to the ER.

They triage us right away, and took us to “Labor and Delivery” and put her on a monitor.

While on the monitor, the machine detected the baby’s heart rate as a healthy 140, and while the monitor didn’t detect her contractions, the nurse did, and said that she was surprised that the monitor could hear our baby so well, since he was so young.

After a bit on the monitor, the doctor came in and they gave ‘A’ an exam.

After the exam, the doctor came to us and said “Now, we have a bit of an issue. You are dilated, and I can see the sac peeking through your cervix”

At this point, she gave us a moment to gather ourselves. ‘A’ was crying, and I was trying my best to hold her, and keep her calm, while keeping my composure.

‘A’ said “So I’m in labor?” and the Doctor said “Yes, and the problem is that you are right on the verge of what we consider viable. Our NICU is NOT capable of caring for a baby this young, and most of the NICU’s in the area, won’t take a transfer of a baby less than 24 weeks”.

At that point both of us wanted to punch the doctor. Our baby is a FIGHTER! We know he is, and there was NO WAY that we were going to give up at that point.

The Doctor told us that she wanted to consult with the high risk specialist and went off to do so, while we started calling family, and asking them to pray for our baby boy.

After what seemed like an eternity, the Doctor returned with the resident on call (who happens to be one of the OB’s that we’ve seen previously), whom said he also would like to do an exam.

Upon further inspection, and a quite painful exam (any exam down there is traumatic and usually quite painful for her, and at this time she also was suffering from a UTI) he deduced that what the first Doctor thought was the amniotic sack, turned out to be a Cyst on her vaginal wall.

After yet more inspection, an internal ultrasound, and a negative FFN result, it was decided that while there was some dilation, the internal cervix was closed tightly and was the same as in all the previous ultrasounds, with no movement. So they were 100% confident that she was not actually in pre-term labor.

Needless to say, we were extremely relived, but we’ve still had the crud scared out of us.

This experience has done nothing, but remind us how much both of us want this baby. How much he means to both of us, and how much of a miracle he really is.

Now we get to go back to the more mundane things, like worrying about finding an apartment, and worrying about buying things for the baby.



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  1. Your post is a very touching account of both your feelings and love for your unborn baby. I pray all goes well from here on until a full term healthy baby is born. I also pray that our Country and our world will value all human life from conception until a natural death. And all humans beings will value all unborn children as real baby’s all needing such love.

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