Updates, and Backlogs, and Open Projects…

So let me start of by being upfront. While I whish I could make promises of regular posts, I just don’t currently have it in me. I have just done photo editing for a few events, that I captured back in 2019 that I want to turn into posts for here since things are starting to open up again, but I have a lot of things going on as I transition forward in life, including medical issues and work related things.

On that note, let me make the 2nd thing I say be an apology. I’m extremely sorry for the fact that I have yet to post about our trips to Hershey Park, Disney World, Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, Thunder on the Boardwalk, and more.

There is just so much work the needs to get done, and only so much time in any given day, and theese days I’m fighting to get back as many useable hours as I can, but with the loss of some medication due to possible complications, that’s just not likely to be true.

But as I stated at the beginning, I have recently done some long over-due photo editing and I think I am ready to at least post the next 3 blog posts, which shall be in no particular order, Hershey Park, Walt Disney World, and the Historic Ships of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. All these trips are from 2019.

But till I get them actually posted, here are some pics from yesterday’s trip to the Purple Park. 🙂

-HuGs-, -P


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