Happy Thanksgiving

As the three of us here in the NinjaPotato Family are getting ready to enjoy our Thanksgiving Dinner, we wanted to give thanks to our greater family around us.

Even if we can’t make it up into the Poconos like we would normally do, make it out to California to spend it with my Sister and her new Husband or even just one town over to spend it with my in-laws, we wanted you to know we miss you.

Everyone in our family has done so much for us over the years helping us all in different ways. No matter if it’s a place to be for the holidays (in normal years) or flying across the country to celebrate our wedding we are so thankful for everything.

While there are so many things to be upset and depressed about this year, we are grateful and thankful for the fact that we have yet to loose a close family member to this dreadful pandemic.

And since we aren’t able to invite friends to our table on this thankful day, we wanted to offer a bit of virtual thanksgiving porn with the following gallery.

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!



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