First Day of School(s)! 2018

So another school year has come around. Our little NinjaBaby is doing both Pre-K at Warren H. Wolf in Brick, and also Headstart in Brick. That way he gets closer to the full day program he really needs.

We’ve been struggling to get Brick to offer a full day program, but with the constant turnover in Brick Schools, especially on the high level administration positions like Board of Ed President and Special Education Director. While the teachers seem very dedicated and attentive, It’s hard for parents to get any clear idea what their child’s future will be like when the school districts plan of action changes yearly.

But here we are, another first day under our belt, and hopefully all the turmoil is over. NinjaBaby didn’t want to wake up, but was fairly happy about going to school once he did. Decked out in his new Mickey Mouse shirt and Mickey Mouse backpack (filled to the brim with wipes, tissues and hand sanitizer at his new teacher’s request) he was anxious for the O.C.E.A.N. Inc bus to take him to Headstart and then Brick Schools will pick him up from there and take him to Pre-K at Warren H. Wolf. Or so we hope.

I say it like that, because shortly after out little Ninja arrived at Headstart, so did Brick Schools. A bus pulled in and said they were there to get our Ninja, and that there would be no bus for him later that day. We received a frantic call from the site supervisor at Headstart (Miss Elise, a very wonderful person) who tried to relay what was happening. We told her to hold on to the Ninja and that if Brick didn’t retrieve him at 12:03 as planned, we would be there to pick him up.

Once that call was over, we called Brick Schools Transportation, and proceeded to talk to the Special Services Bussing Director and also his Boss. Both of them assured me this would be figured out and that definitely a bus would be at Headstart at 12:03 to pick the Ninja up as his online schedule showed.

So with all the stress of the day aside (or at least I hope it is), please enjoy the gallery below. It’s never hard to take beautiful pictures of NinjaBaby or A, but I’m still proud of the shots when I get them.



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